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Rust and Stardust
I can't hide it, I'm stupid excited for 2014. What about 2014? The… 
2nd-Oct-2009 11:13 am
I can't hide it, I'm stupid excited for 2014.

What about 2014? The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia!
After seeing that they were starting work on this super sci fi bug wing cocoon thing to house them---

My level of enthusiasm has raised to embarrassing levels, embarrassing as in having to preface conversations with "I know you don't care about sports but I just HAVE to tell you-" and signing up to send google alerts on the subject to my inbox.
Gymnastics time! I got into watching the gymnastics during the 94 summer ones  when my OCD was unbearable (to the point where I was not leaving the house at all during the day) and even though I'm less crazy now, I've kept track of the teams and who was up to what ever since.

I'm really not a joiner normally, and most sports bore the holy hell out of me, but on this, I'm totally sold. I already called my sister who replied  "I hate Russians." and hung up on me...maybe I should have waited until she was awake? Regardless, the Russians put together great gymnastic teams, I'm curious to see how well they turn out with the games in their own country. And maybe if ALL the gymnasts competing are over 16 this year, we won't get out asses handed to us quite as hard. Personally I'm a fan of dropping the age limit back down to 14,  but I'm not going to get into that right now...

I just realized that gymnastics are a SUMMER event. Google confirms this.
I. am. dense.
Damn. I'm gonna go drown my enthusiasm in a sink, brb.

*edited again to change my icon to something more appropriate to my crushing disappointment.

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